In our view, resourcefulness and creativity are at the very core of sustainability. SFC does not charge a membership fee. Our club endeavours to keep our community accessible to all people and to remain successful in promoting sustainability on and off campus. We do not want to exclude anyone from our club, nor set a precedent of privilege by charging membership fees or running ticketed events; we believe this goes against not only our objectives of promoting sustainability to the wider university community, but also against the University's values of inclusivity and diversity.

The generosity of our sponsors truly makes a difference to the successful functioning of the club. A huge thank you to all the local businesses who have kindly supported SFC over the years! Your values and equal passion for making sustainability accessible and appealing continue to strengthen the relationships within the sustainability community.

Our 2021 sponsors:
  • Commonsense Organics

  • EcoStore

  • Fair + Square

  • Fix & Fogg

  • Go Bamboo

  • Good Cube

  • Little Yellow Bird

  • Medical Assurance Society (MAS)

  • The EcoBrush

  • Trade Aid

  • Wā Collective

How to get involved:

We are open to all sponsorships, collaborations or even just a sustainable chat!

If you are interested, please email us at sustainablefuturecollective@gmail.com