We are the Sustainable Future Collective.

(But you can call us SFC)

SFC believes in promoting sustainability in a way that is non-judgmental and accessible to all. We bring a fresh, contemporary perspective towards these issues and take sustainability far beyond tree-hugging.

We belong to a multitude of disciplines, but we share a common goal. SFC is working towards a people-powered, environmentally restorative future. We work with industry professionals, scientists, engineers as well as other university groups and organisations such as The Sustainability Society.

Our main focus is using these connections to educate and engage other students about environmental redress and how to get involved!

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The Sustainable Future Collective is a Movement.

Learn all about our club, our Bee Sanctuary & our YSL Programme.

SFC is the largest sustainability club on the UoA campus. We exist to educate, empower and engage the UoA community on all things sustainability.

We take an inclusive and welcoming approach in introducing all people from different backgrounds and faculties who are passionate and interested in sustainability.

Saving the bees is not about having a hive, it's about having land, flowers and pesticide free spaces which insects can live in.

Our Bee Sanctuary is located behind the law library. It is a green space filled with flora and fauna to attract and create a safe haven for our local pollinators.

The YSL Programme aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge to contribute to the wider sustainability movement. The programme has four main avenues of promoting discussion around sustainability:

  • Mentoring

  • Workshops

  • Community engagement projects

  • Social events

Our 2021 in a nutshell...

Download our 2021 Annual Report here or read down below!

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