Banner photo: Luke McKeown (@waikatospear)

Calling all Pollinator Pals to our buzziest of action groups: The UoA Bee Sanctuary!

Formed in July of 2018, the sanctuary was created with the intention to provide much-needed habitat on campus for Auckland city’s hungry pollinators.

The Bee Sanctuary team educate students with on-site workshops about the essential role pollinators play in ecosystems, our society and as a planet! These workshops have included several plantings, a seed bomb workshop, an insect hotel workshop, a seed saving workshop with For the Love of Bees and collaborated with SFC’s ‘Free things for your flat’ event, providing flowering plants to students so they can create pollinator habitats in their own gardens.

Our workshops are free, educational and fun! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date.

We are committed to growing a habitat which can sustain a healthy insect population, and provide a space for students to come and learn about a range of ecological processes through gardening. From learning about soil, seeds, pollinator plants, insect habitats, to composting and growing food. We hope that these initiatives will spark students interest in the rich possibilities of the outside world, and the role they can play as an integral part of this interconnected system we call earth.

We are open to suggestions and collaborations with anyone wanting to contribute to the conversation connected to pollinator habitats, insects, soil ecology, growing food, composting - all things garden related! Everything is interconnected and we do not want to limit ourselves. So if you have an idea you would like to pitch to us we are happy to hear it! Email us at or message us on Instagram or Facebook.

We are immensely grateful to SFC for supporting us since our very beginnings. They provided the space for us to grow into a small yet committed team and provide the occasional funds here and there for our workshops.

If you’ve been inspired to create your own action group... Remember, anyone can make an action group! All it requires is someone to contact SFC, ask for some support, form a team, an idea, plan some actions and you are sorted!

Here's how to find the Bee Sanctuary!

...aaaand here's another map, just in case! (we really want you to visit)